An Update from Kenya

Here’s an update from our partner George Zakayo resulting from the September training in Eldoret of South Sundanese refugees:

Kenya photos


The Lord is working among the South Sudanese in such an amazing way. Barely a month after the training in Eldoret, the trainees have already trained others. This picture is of Daniel who was not part of the initial training, but was trained by the ToTs and is currently working just like he was trained by the US team.

Helping Babies Breathe – Since the training, the trainees have helped mothers to deliver more than 10 babies. One exciting story is of Rebecca Adhieu, who took one of the mothers to a hospital. After being examined by the medical doctors, they said she wasn’t ready. Rebecca decided not to leave because according to her, all signs showed that the patient was ready. The doctors left. In about 15 minutes,  the patient was ready to deliver. Rebecca helped her deliver at the hospital when the nurse had left.

Home VisitPictured: A home visit by one of the trainees. The group of trainees have seen 82 men and 178 women in their health care screenings in just over 2 months.

Farming 2

In the midst of all the challenges that the South Sudanese face as refugees, they  managed to get land on which they are doing their farming. The land is almost 1/4 of an acre. They are currently practicing Farming God’s Way. They have planted maize and beans.



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