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Kenya: The story of Pastor Thomas

Pastor Thomas with his backpack
Pastor Thomas with his backpack

Pastor Thomas, a resident of Homabay, is married and has a daughter. Apart from being a pastor, he is also a businessman, and has ventured into farming. He got to hear about the first Teach to Transform training in Homabay through Pastor Peter, a fellow pastor. He was keen to attend since he has always had a passion for health and medicine.

Health Screening
After completing the training, Pastor Thomas decided to first clear it with the Medical Officer of Health, so that he could be authorized to work as a health screener. (The MOH oversees the hospitals in the region.) Pastor Thomas was finally cleared after two months and was even required to screen some of the health workers in the hospital, before he could be certified. He reports that the MOH was very impressed with the job he did.

Having been cleared, Pastor Thomas was able to organize a screening camp with his colleague, Pastor Peter. They were able to publicize it during their door to door evangelism. The camp was successful and they managed to screen 40 people. They even referred to the district hospital, some who had high blood pressure.

Afterwards, he was able to do a second camp, which he reports, was through God’s divine plan. He was attending a funeral for one of his relatives who had died of a heart condition. It is during the funeral that one of the attendees mentioned that it was very important for them to regularly have their blood pressure checked. Knowing that Pastor Thomas had undergone a health training, he asked if he could screen them immediately. Pastor Thomas had to rush home, get the backpack and come back. Together with his assistant, they got to work and managed to screen about 50 people. They even referred one woman to the hospital and she was put under antihypertensives for 10 days. The woman’s blood pressure has since returned to normal.

Still eager to use the knowledge he had gained regarding Helping Babies Breathe, Pastor Thomas’ lucky day came when he was called one night to help a mother deliver. He quickly organized an emergency plan and responded to the call. However, he was unable to help in the delivery since the woman was in labor for more than two hours and Pastor Thomas feared any complications, since it was the woman’s first delivery. His emergency plan came in handy since he immediately referred the woman to hospital. The baby was delivered safely in hospital and Pastor Thomas even received a token of appreciation from the family.

Pastor Thomas was quick to state that his backpack has come in handy during his door to door evangelism. This is because it has enabled him to minister to both the spiritual and medical needs of people.

Moreover, as a health screener, those he ministers to open up more easily and he is also able to win their trust. This way, Pastor Thomas has been able to spread the love of Jesus to more people, and nothing gives him greater joy. His goal this year is to use his backpack and the knowledge he has gained on health to bring more souls to Christ. For him, the journey has only began, and he is more than eager to go the extra mile.

-Submitted by Augustine Muemba

Kenya: The story of Esther and Phoebe

Phoebe and Rosebella
Phoebe and Rosebella

Esther and Phoebe were trained by TTT in August 2014. Soon after this, they put their expertise into practice. Walking from village to village, they have dedicated their time to sharing the gospel and managing minor cases of burns, managing dehydration using oral rehydration salts, wound cleaning and taking of vital signs. The zeal to do this amidst all odds is they say, their love for Christ.

The journey
In November, they were confronted by a situation that very few would dare face given the nature of prevailing circumstances. Esther had hardly rested after her day in the market where she sells tomatoes when she received a distress call from an expectant mother. She was in labor and needed Esther’s assistance. She immediately called Phoebe who gladly agreed to be her assistant. It was already dark and Esther requested her sons to accompany her to the home of the expectant mother. This was a long journey. It took them one hour to arrive since they walked to the place. About two hours later Phoebe arrived aboard a motorbike. She comes from a different locality far from Esther’s home and it is so far that she couldn’t have managed to walk in the dark. Phoebe parted with 150 Kenya shillings ($1.64) as transport charges. Phoebe said she had to make it whatever the cost as nothing is as painful as losing a child. (She has lost four children in their early years of life.)

Her first home delivery
As they have made it mandatory to pray with all the patients they attend to, they did so and prepared the room to be ready to conduct delivery. This was the expectant mother’s sixth pregnancy. She had lost one child to HIV/AIDS. Her husband had also died due to the same. In the previous births, she had given birth in a hospital facility. In her last hospital delivery, she was found to have HIV. All this was unraveled as these two volunteers were taking a brief history before conducting delivery. “Nothing could stop us since we had been taught how to take care of ourselves when conducting deliveries. So we put our gloves on,” Esther said.


Baby Esther Phoebe
At a few minutes past 11 pm, a baby who later was named Esther Phoebe was born (named after the TTT volunteers who conducted the delivery). This was a great joy to the mother who only had boys and had never given birth to a baby girl. They took time to counsel the mother on the feeding options to adopt and convinced her to enroll for ARVs. The baby was also put on medication. Since then they have been visiting the family, praying for them and ensuring that they take ARVs as prescribed. Baby Esther Phoebe is now 3 weeks old.

Note: Wife inheritance happens when a bereaved widow is taken up as a wife by the relative to her late husband. They may meet their physical needs but mostly it is just conjugal- to continue having children. Also in farming, a sexual act has to be done before planting on the farm every season, so those without husbands cannot plant; they have to take on a man. What’s more, the siblings or children cannot plant unless the mother (if she is alive) or their big brother plants first. These are some of the unbiblical practices that we see as affecting the land productivity, survival of children at birth and big number of miscarriages, and the spread of HIV/AIDS. Our trainees were grasping this and will continue to bring education to these superstitious practices and teach Biblical principles.

-Submitted by Augustine Muemba

Flooding in Chazuta, Peru

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Many prayers for the situation of our people and particularly by the brothers and sisters affected by the river. Here we share some pictures.
We remain alert to the river.
It’s been reported that 30 minutes ago, Chazuta brothers had to deal with a fierce river creature. It got out of the water, and dogs alerted the nearby house. The people came running with sticks and machetes. It’s estimated that the beast was more than three meters (9 feet) and weighing over 200 kilos (over 440 pounds). The creature returned to the river causing much fear to the children and women.
Remember that God is in control of everything. He has eternal purposes.
Your servant,
Jairo Sangama

Medical supplies arrive in Liberia

In January 2014, Teach To Transform and S.E.E.D. went to Liberia to train pastors in basic medical care, midwives with Helping Babies Breathe, and farmers in agriculture. We met many wonderful people, including Pastor Tage and his wife, Mamma Ruth. Mamma Ruth is a certified midwife who runs her own birthing clinic. It also serves as a regular clinic for the community. Pastor Tage now does triage there as he ministers to the patients. Late last year, we found out that some of our pastors were serving in clinics that lacked basic protective medical supplies like gloves and scrubs. While not equipped to deal with Ebola, these medical workers might treat someone who doesn’t realize they have it. Our friends at FAME and Southeast Christian Church partnered with us to get medical supplies to two clinics where our pastors serve.

From our partners, Pastor Tage and Mamma Ruth in Libera:

On behalf of the leadership and staff of the Healthline Medical Clinic-Lifeline Medical Services – Liberia, we wish to express our thanks and appreciation for the donation of the medical materials for the people of Liberia and our clinic for the fight of the deadly Ebola virus.

Please see the attached photos of the materials as received at the clinic which are currently in use by our staff. These material are ideal and useful in protecting our staff at work.


100_7648 100_0897

What God is doing in Peru

Teach To Transform partnered with Reaching and Teaching International in October 2014 to train 45 pastors and midwives. Below is a quick update on the pastors and how they are serving in the community for the glory of God.



From Pastor Jairo, Peru

Dear brothers and sisters in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ:

I have the joy of sharing what God is doing among us.

Jorbin and Vilmerto Tuanama have reached out and ministered to 4 patients, varying in age.

 Hilter Macedo Siambal saw a child in pain, and was able to assess with his training and instruments that there was a foreign object causing his pain. He sent the child on to see a doctor in Chazuta. He ministered to two others.

Angelica and Pegui were able to access the urgent need of medical care for a child, and donated 400 soles for his treatment in Tarapoto. The hospital gave him three units of blood. Pastor Jairo said: I think we accomplished with the help of God to save his life for now.

Turian and Jorbin made a missionary visit to Santa Cruz, and treated an elderly lady who fainted. They were able to take her vital signs, see that she had high blood pressure, and stabilize the pressure. This saved a long and expensive trip to the nearest town to see a doctor.

Lauriano and Emeterio took the medical bag in their missionary trip to Ecuador. They reported that the backpack is a good tool to share faith in the Lord.

Nanci attended many patients at a Christian event. I witnessed that she did not eat so that she could continue the work and stayed late into the night to help those who were sick. I testify to her high spirit of service to the Lord.

Hermes Cenepo broke the news of her first delivery, and continues in the work.

I will continue later by sharing what God is doing through these humble servants.

Please pray for these servants for faithful service to the Lord, and for humility in our service.