Christmas – the hope of Christ for all

Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas! As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Lord and Savior, we also rejoice in His life, death and resurrection. But for millions in the world today, hopelessness prevails. The Gospel has not yet been shared. The hope of Christmas has not been realized. It is this desire to share the love of Jesus and glorify the Father that motivates us.

Karen and I are truly humbled to serve with you in Christ’s ministry of Teach To Transform. We are in prayer for discernment as we follow the Lord in the mission field He has prepared for us. It appears the Lord is leading us across the world into hard places with challenging capacity and resources from a worldly perspective. However, we believe the vision the Lord has given Teach To Transform is more than a handful of trips a year.

Our vision is to ignite a spark in each community we serve that will empower an army of believers transforming their communities in the name of Christ.

We are confident in this goal because our faith is 100 percent that the Lord is leading our ministry. Our board, supporters and volunteers are the body of Christ and together we serve with a passion to love those held captive in darkness.

Please consider the request below to help ignite this flame.

Donation to Scholarship Fund with two goals:
Please pray about donating to our TTT scholarship fund for both indigenous teachers as well as those from the US that need help to join our efforts.

Scholarship for indigenous medical students and pastors
Our model of transforming and empowering equates to less Americans and recruiting more indigenous teachers. This will require funding for expenses on the field like transportation, food and accommodations. Our plan is to ultimately release the mission field to the indigenous teachers.

Scholarship for US teachers
Several US teachers commit to more than one trip a year. If we are to transition to the next generation we need to establish a fund for those without resources who are willing to not only serve on a mission trip, but also those who are willing to travel and teach within the US. We will still require potential candidates do some fundraising.

Our goal is to equip churches and organizations to adopt our model of missions and join us to glorify Christ through teaching skills that open doors to share the Gospel.

Will you join us on mission? We would appreciate your prayers, participation and financial support. Donations are tax deductible. You may send a check to Teach To Transform, 7501 New LaGrange Road, #2000, Louisville, KY 40222. Or you can donate online at

For His glory,
Tom and Karen McKechnie
Founders of Teach To Transform

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