What a great program and a great group of people to be involved with. They do a great job with their ministry and helping people all around of the world.


Thanks for your fervent prayers and great concern for us and the work in Liberia. We are happy to inform you that we have established a community health and medical training at our clinic in Liberia. This serves as part of our vision and commitment to help improve the health delivery system in our country Liberia. Moreover, having been trained and equipped by your team with some training materials, we are greatly motivated to pass on this training to others as our Christian responsibility (2 Timothy 2:1).

In our present roster, we have registered and are training 11 students, six community midwives and five community health attendants and laboratory technicians. The training will last for the period of nine months and students will be certified and sent out to serve the rural communities under our close supervision together with the government of Liberia. Based on the great need of medical and health training in Liberia for prevention and healing, it is our desire to extend this training program to the rural parts of Liberia as we are trusting the Lord for a vehicle, more teaching materials and equipment, funding and other resources. We really need your prayers for the expansion of this great vision and undertaking. We believe that what you started in Liberia as a small shining star shall be a great light for many people walking in darkness (Isaiah 60:1)

With regards to your next visit to Liberia, we wish to reiterate that our clinic in Liberia will be available to host the Teach to Transform training that may be scheduled. Most importantly, our students will have the opportunity for more practical learning and training during your visit. We are excited about this as we remain committed to our partnership with you which we highly cherish.

Greeting from our staff at the clinic and members of our church in Liberia. We hope to hear from you. We love you all.


The LORD is doing great things in the clinic and our communities. The Gospel is being preached through love and compassion. We are now involved in reaching out to more communities since the last training. Keep praying for us as we look forward to seeing you again in Liberia.