Divine Appointments

Love and Compassion

If we look at our culture that continually reinforces the idea that we see the world as a place to satisfy our prideful desires of comfort, wealth, power and possessions, can we honestly say our motivation for compassion is always to glorify God, not self? There are times when showing compassion is comfortable and convenient, … Continue reading “Love and Compassion”

The amazing gift of medicine and its impact

Teach To Transform trains and mentors Christian medical students in Kenya with the desire that they will continue our teaching model in Africa and beyond for the glory of God. Below, we share a report from one of medical students, Miriam Ndanu.  Kahawa West Medical Training, Kenya - Carol Rwamba, a sixth year medical student at … Continue reading "The amazing gift of medicine and its impact"

God at work in Asia as believers are added daily

Asia - With an impact that is above and beyond what we imagined, we give thanks and glory to God for His kingdom work in one region of a country that is hostile to the Gospel. Earlier this year, we trained 51 people representing 17 church planting churches. In a period of three months, those … Continue reading "God at work in Asia as believers are added daily"

Forgive Me, Lord

Have you ever been overwhelmed with frustration when dealing with family, friends, co-workers or your children? Relationships can leave you exhausted, but can you imagine how Christ feels when we continuously let pride, our agenda, and the ways of the world guide our decisions rather than love. Christ had prepared a divine appointment for us … Continue reading “Forgive Me, Lord”

A Heart Attack with a Divine Appointment

We had been praying for a friend to accept Christ, but he was struggling.  Sometimes an answer to prayer requires a dramatic life storm that puts us in the boat with Jesus crying out for help. This is the storm we found ourselves in on Christmas day. Mark 4:37-40: A furious squall came up, and the … Continue reading “A Heart Attack with a Divine Appointment”

What Do You Do When God Speaks to You?

My dear friend had a divine appointment when Christ ask him to be courageous and speak to a total stranger and his young daughter that ultimately changed their lives. In my travels with Teach To Transform we have been in many different countries around the world and I have heard amazing stories of seeing and … Continue reading “What Do You Do When God Speaks to You?”

Do You See Christ in Your Suffering?

On a recent trip to a Sudanese refugee camp in Uganda, our team experienced a gloriously intense encounter with God or what I like to call a Divine Appointment. It had been a long day with air travel from the United States and multiple layovers when we finally arrived in Uganda, but our trip was … Continue reading "Do You See Christ in Your Suffering?"

What Do You See?

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Christ had a divine appointment prepared for a local church’s mission team and me on a recent trip to Ghana. It was in a predominately Muslim area where we treated those who were blind as a result of cataracts and totally dependent on family and friends to care for them. What happens when there is … Continue reading “What Do You See?”