General ministry donations

Teach to Transform is a 501(c)(3) organization. Gifts to our organization are tax deductible as charitable contributions. Our EIN is 45-4449839. Thank you for your donation!

Your financial contribution to the general ministry of Teach To Transform allows our organization to fully support the various ministry endeavors to which God has called our ministry. Funds for the general ministry of Teach To Transform will be directed to the areas of most need with the purpose of supporting our daily operations, strengthening our infrastructure, allowing for the flexibility to respond to new and changing conditions, planning for the long term and investing in our trainings on the field so that our ministry model can be multiplied to new and challenging places.

Our short term teams fund raise for their own trip costs.

Teach To Transform attempts, whenever consistent with its charitable purpose and budget, to honor preferences expressed by our ministry partners regarding the use of their gifts. However, Teach To Transform at all times maintains full control over all funds donated to Teach To Transform and ultimate discretion as to their use, including redirection to other ministry needs. This ensures that all funds will be used most effectively to carry out Teach To Transform’s charitable purpose, as required for contributions to be tax-deductible in the United States.

Have a question? Call us at (914) 432-2473. Thank you!

Some suggested donation amounts include:

Mail a check
With a check, your total donation will be given to Teach To Transform. (Credit Cards charge processing fees.)
Please send a check made payable to Teach to Transform to: Teach to Transform, 7501 New LaGrange Rd., #2000, Louisville, KY 40222

Support a trip (country) or a team member (scholarship)

Gift of supplies

Honor someone

Honor your family, friends and loved ones by making a donation in their honor to Teach To Transform.

You generous, tax-deduction gift will help share the Gospel around the world with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. This kind of gift is priceless to families and communities who are living in desperate circumstances and will continue to have a transformational impact in their lives for years to come.

When you make a donation in honor of someone, your loved one will receive a beautiful card sent by email or by postal mail letting them know about the gift in their name.

There are many special occasions where a Teach To Transform donation makes for the perfect gift:

  • Memorial and bequests
  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Celebrations
  • Milestones and achievements
  • Anytime, in honor of someone special

Have a question? Call us at (914) 432-2473. Thank you!

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