Farming God’s Way Training in Asia

Teach To Transform recently sent a Farming God’s Way team to train farmers in Asia. Many farmers are looking for a way to increase their crop yield and be profitable with a different kind of plant. We thank God that already a farmer has trained others in his own training! The crops are a testimony to the living God. These pictures were taken after the training to show progress.

Corn on straight rows
Corn coming up!
God's blanket covers kitchen garden
Kitchen garden under the coconut trees. God’s blanket is spread over it, keeping moisture in so that it needs watered less.
Kitchen garden in containers - okra.
Lady’s Fingers (okra) grow in a pot.
Sweet potatoes coming up!
Sweet potatoes
Container garden - small onions
Small onions
Our partner has her own creativity and used these bags with holes and rocks for drainage to grow mint, coriander, chili, ginger.
These are the turmeric crop.
Turmeric harvest from the garden.


Turmeric ready to be turned into power.
Turmeric boiled, sliced and drying to be powered.

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