Farming God’s Way Training in South Sudan

Classroom teaching
Farming God’s Way classroom

In February 2018, Teach To Transform (TTT) sent two Farming God’s Way trainers from Kenya to South Sudan to partner with Nile Orphan Care (NOC). Nile Orphan Care supports 914 orphaned children who are living in community with internally displaced families.

These families fled from their rural communities to the city of Yei, and now Juba to try to survive the ongoing civil war. They are grappling with food, water and shelter shortages compounded by very high unemployment and orphans. In partnership with Love the Hungry USA, NOC provides a meal a day to these orphans and some of their families. Looking for a way to increase food yield in the area, NOC invited TTT to teach Farming God’s Way.

. . . upon repentance and prayers, it rained!

Prepping the well watered garden
Preparing the demonstration garden

Here is a testimony of what God is doing through this training:
The fields are ripe and ready for harvest. The 19 trainees were open to biblical teaching on healing of the land from curse of bloodshed and worship of other gods. They readily agreed – we have left God, He didn’t leave us. During the teaching of Key 2: Consider your ways, 2 Chron 7:14 was proved when upon repentance and prayers, it rained! Actually, it rained only in Shirkat (suburb of Juba) for 2 days before even the city center received any showers. They reported that it never rains in February in South Sudan.

Also, while offering Communion and pouring the blood on the ground, it rained on us! The trainees became excited and they praised God for hearing their prayers. They realized they could ask for rain from God, and not just say it will rain if God wills it to rain.

Farming God’s Way Graduating Class

In the end, 19 students were trained and 3 demonstration gardens were planted among the community. These will serve as a testimony to how Farming God’s Way will increase crop yield, and encourage other farmers in the area to learn.

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