Greetings family and friends in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ,

Thank you so much for your prayers as we traveled to Northern Ghana in an area where there were very few Christians. The Lord gave us a glimpse of Heaven when He arranged for our Teach To Transform team of five from the US to teach with five TTT Kenyan brothers, which included four young medical students. An unexpected blessing was a group of five Latin American missionaries who also helped us teach; truly a picture of a body of Christ.

We trained our largest class to date with over 131 students. Our training consisted of Vital Signs, Health and Hygiene, Water-borne illness, Wound and Burn Care, and Obstetrics with Helping Babies Breathe curriculum.

The teaching aids were distributed to the local churches with the responsibility to share the love of Christ with compassion as well as teach others. All throughout the week we continually prayed to Glorify Christ by sharing the Gospel with Love and Patience (Ephesians 4:2). When we said that we were “Christians” this was not declared with pride or arrogance, but with humility, admitting that we are sinners who received Christ’s Grace and Salvation. We were not claiming to be strong but confessing our weakness and need Christ to be our compass. As Christ assures us, “Do not be afraid for I am with you always.”

Please pray for these courageous pastors and churches in Ghana who have a difficult mission field. We would like for you to pray for us as we enter many difficult areas in 2016. Please consider coming with us or supporting our work in the 10-40 window. You can follow our progress at

For His Glory,
Tom and Karen

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