God at work in Asia as believers are added daily

Asia – With an impact that is above and beyond what we imagined, we give thanks and glory to God for His kingdom work in one region of a country that is hostile to the Gospel. Earlier this year, we trained 51 people representing 17 church planting churches.

In a period of three months, those who received training:

  • Entered 297 new villages
  • Prayed for 54,331 people
  • Shared the Gospel with 69,957 people

As a result of their faithfulness in sharing the witness of Christ:

  • 6,537 people confessed Christ
  • 38 new churches started
K’s Story

K is an elderly woman having back pain due to a 12mm kidney stone for 3 years. She had not eaten well in 4 months. The health care screener did not know what was wrong and encouraged her to go to the hospital, but K was afraid. The screener shared the gospel, and K said that if the screener’s God were powerful enough to heal her, she would believe. By this time, K’s family and neighbors had gathered at her home. The screener prayed for her healing out loud and for the Lord to be known in her home. The screener regularly prayed for her healing and after 3 weeks, K said her back pain was gone and her kidney stone had passed. She and her husband both believed as well as three of her neighbors.

S’s Story

A village leader had a fever for 6 weeks. An health care screener treated his fever, and prayed for S. S shared a recent dream he had about Jesus. In the dream, Jesus would visit him to care for his body and share about the one true God. S asked this screener to tell him about God. S confessed Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and started a house church in his home.

Local Government Officials

The local government officials are generally supportive of the efforts of the Christian health care screeners. They are pleased to see the positive impact on health and this has opened the door to other villages which led to more people confessing Christ. However, there have been other villages were the screeners were asked not to come back because too many people were believing in Jesus Christ and house churches are starting.

Please join us in praying for these faithful health care screeners, for the new house churches, for the new believers and for the Gospel to continue to be shared in this region.

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