Is God Speaking to You?

Have you ever wondered if God is listening to your prayers? And if He is, how is He speaking to you?

I have been blessed with unmistakable “Divine Appointments” with people that there can be no explanation other than divine. Sometimes these are to encourage me and other times to inspire others. There was a time before I knew Christ, when I referred to these chance meetings as a coincidence.

I often wonder how many of these meetings I have missed and what would have come of these special meetings Christ had prepared for me.

Have you ever felt alone when life brings a storm of losing someone you love, divorce, loneliness, rejection, sickness, loss of a job and the list goes on? As you know, it is not only physically and emotionally exhausting but also spiritually draining when there seems to be nowhere to turn or anyone to talk with that understands your pain.

Sometimes the Lord blesses us with a divine appointment with someone to answer this cry for help providing love and encouragement to stay strong in our faith. Sometimes Christ also invites us to these appointments to be the answer to someone’s prayer.

David shows us the words of a lonely person who cries out to the Lord for help. They are the words of many of us at times in our life when we are in need of the body of Christ.

Psalm 142:1-2
I cry aloud to the Lord; I lift up my voice to the Lord for mercy. I pour out before him my complaint; before him, I tell my trouble.

When was your last Divine Appointment?

I would like to share about a mission trip to Kenya last week where Karen and I were blessed with many such meetings, but one in particular was special for us when we met Teresia.

Our first divine meetings were with the healthcare workers and medical students in our training who told stories of faith and the challenges of working in hard, violent places with few Christians for support or fellowship. As we shared devotions, many were brought to tears from the isolation and need of Christian fellowship. One of the students explained that she expected to receive only medical training, but was blessed and encouraged with the focus on Christ and depth of spirituality in our training. We helped them to know they were loved and Christ does not intend for us to be alone and promises to be with us.

Isaiah 41:10
So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you: I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

The following week we were speaking at the Christian Medical Fellowship- Kenya. The medical students inspired our team, and many were excited to begin serving with Teach To Transform.

Cultures Collide at the Christian Medical Fellowship Conference
Dr. Tom and Dr. Ken are ready to presentAs an aside, when the Western value of time and efficiency collides with the African value of relationships, the session may not start on time.

Our breakout session was scheduled for 11:30 and as you can see Dr. Ken and I were the only ones there. When we asked when we would start, the answer was beautiful; of course it starts when it starts and it finishes when it finishes.

We were blessed that we eventually had students show up!

The Divine Appointment
It was our last morning together before we were scheduled to leave. We were searching for a quiet place for morning devotion when a front office manager informed us that one of her young servers named Teresia, who had taken care of us throughout the week, requested to sit in on our devotion. We were excited and humbled, realizing that we had been watched every day and it is the simple actions of faith that speak loudly.

You are being watched! When was the last time someone saw Christ in you?

We welcomed Teresia and acknowledged her courage to sit with a group of strangers from a distant culture driven by her passion for hearing the word of God. We studied scripture from Mark 4:26-29 about spiritual maturity sometimes being slow but inevitable. Teresia sat quietly and listened to our discussion.

Karen tearfully shared her feelings about the medical students and their isolation.

Teresia was touched by Karen’s love, and she explained that she too felt alone, starved for the safety and peace of fellowship. We began to encourage her and exchanged emails assuring her she was not alone. We included her in our Bible study list in the US, and she started to cry.

I pray each morning that I will recognize my divine meetings knowing that the joy it brings us is beyond words.

For His Glory,
Tom and Karen

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