In partnership with Reaching and Teaching International, Teach To Transform went to Peru in October for the first time to train pastors and midwives who live in the remote jungle of the Amazon. Teach To Transform taught our basic medical modules, Health & Hygiene, Water-Bourne Illness, Vital Signs, Breathing Problems and Head and Neck Infections. In addition, our team taught the Helping Babies Breathe curriculum. (Pictured above.
Pastor Jairo, our contact on the ground, wrote to us soon after the team returned: One of the pastors, Hermes Cenepo, of the Tupac Amaru community, had the first fruit of the training. On Saturday, 25 hours after your training completed, God allowed this pastor to help a lady who gave birth to her first child. For him, it was a memorable and safe beginning of this service in the Lord. God be glorified, and may we continue to serve our neighbor in humility and to share the message of salvation. Teach To Transform is a ministry that provides theoretical and practical training.

For His glory!

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