Quarterly Report: India

This is an update from our partner in India:

Health and hygiene, Cholera Prevention: 30 awareness programs were conducted and 428 members attended the awareness program.

In a local village, a woman has her own toilet but the family is not using the toilet. They used to go for open air defecation. They used to store the fire woods inside the toilet. Our staff interacted with the family and explained about how germs are spreading and the importance of using toilet. After interaction, the woman took the fire woods from the toilet and now they are using the toilet. Also, we motivated the other families in the villages to construct a toilet by accessing the government loan.

We explained about spreading of germs
• Clean water & Hand washing methods.
• ORS preparation
• Importance of using toilet and avoid open air defecation.
• Keep the surroundings clean and proper disposal of waste

5 HIV cases were referred to hospital for follow up treatment. According to the need of the community the PHCs provided awareness materials and Multivitamins. In the month of June, the Primary health centre provided Albendazole and iron tablets to our school students.

Gospel was shared to 25 individuals and prayed for them.

A local woman was suffering from bleeding problem and she was a HIV patient also. Our field staff visits her and shared gospel and prayed for her. Also, our field staff accompanied her to the hospital. But the problem was not treated. Then the PLHA went to private hospital and they gave some treatment. Now the problem is reduced and she accepted Jesus as her personal savior and continuously the field staff are encouraging her with the Word of God.

Vital signs:
Around 500 people were benefited. 36 people were identified with high blood pressure and were given health education regarding good nutritious food and what are foods to be avoided.
One patient had high blood pressure. We advised her to take medicine, after consulting with the doctor and also told about the food she has to avoid.
Another patient had very high blood pressure. She used to take medicine. But then also her Blood pressure level was not reduced. We enquired about her food habits. We came to know that she used to take salt fish and pickles. We advised her to avoid these two. Because of this only she was having high blood pressure and advised her to visit doctor regularly and follow his instruction without fail. When we visited the village again after one month both of them Mrs. Jeyachandra and Mrs. Manimegalai seemed to be in good health. Their blood pressure level was also normal. They thanked us for the timely help and advice and we started to share Gospel with them.

Gospel was shared with 150 people and we prayed for them.

A local lady lost her baby 4 times after the birth. When she conceived this time, she was so sad and was worrying very much about “what will happen, this time?” One of our field workers visited that village and checked her blood pressure and it was only 140/90mm/Hg and she advised her not to think anything negatively. God is with you. He will help you and he knows your sorrows. Definitely he will wipe your tears and fulfill your desire and prayed with her. Every time whenever she visits the village she used to encourage her spiritually and prayed for her. By the Grace of Almighty this time she delivered a healthy male baby. The child and the mother are in good health condition and she is happy.

Wound-Burn care: During this reporting period 18 members were benefited through wound cleaning and dressing. One person was referred to the hospital for monkey bite. Cleaning and dressing was done and referred to the hospital for follow up treatment.

Stroke: Our field worker, Mr. Xavier saw a man 35 years old who got fits on the road side. He immediately took the man by another person’s vehicle to the hospital nearby. We found out that he is already taking the medication. The doctor advised him to take more liquids and take the medicines regularly, and he was referred to Primary health center in the village.

Obstetrics and Gynecology: Total 28 Antenatal mothers were identified and were given health education regarding good nutrition and follow up care.
In one local village, an eight month pregnant lady fainted in the church while the evening service was going on. One of our social worker living in the same village immediately checked the Vital signs and came to know that she was having high blood pressure. She referred her to the hospital. Unfortunately, the baby in the womb died due to the high blood pressure level of the mother. The doctor removed the baby very carefully and saved the mother from the critical stage. Now she has improved her health. The Doctor said due to the timely arrival of the patient he was able to save the mother only.

Gospel was shared with 15 people.

April-June 2017 Quarterly Report

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