Seeing Jesus in the Emergency Room


My blog last week described a divine encounter in the ER while I was searching for my faith. Now that I know Jesus, when I see suffering, whether on the mission field with Teach To Transform or in the ER, I try to look through the eyes of Jesus.

I have been blessed to work with hundreds of nurses who face the most demanding and stressful environment you could imagine. They are first to admit they are not perfect, but their compassion and love for their patients continue to inspire me.

They are a picture of Christ to me.

I am going to share the story of an ER shift where I saw three critical patients within one hour, and you will see why I felt the presence of Christ.

Who is Jesus …Do You Know Him?

The scripture in Daniel 3:12-30 helps when I must give devastating news to patients and their families. The Bible story tells of three young men whose faith would not be compromised, even with the threat of being thrown into a fire. After they were in the fiery furnace, they were seen with a fourth man looking like a “Son of God.” They survived the fire and had a great testimony of faith.

When I pray with patients, this scripture shows three possible outcomes. The first is that we pray for a miracle. God saves us from the flames, and the cancer is miraculously gone. The second option is to be thrown into a fire. Your cancer requires chemotherapy, your recovery program for addiction, you lose your job, but Christ walks in the heat with us.  We come through with a great testimony of faith. The third is that the Lord brings you home to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Do you Know Him?

The first patient developed a headache and collapsed at home. The family called for help and she was airlifted to our hospital. Once I saw her lifeless body on the gurney with a dilated pupil, I knew it was going to be devastating news. My fear was confirmed when I saw the CT scan consistent with a ruptured brain aneurysm.

We notified the Neurosurgeon, and he spoke to the family. He was direct and truthful with the expectation that she would not survive. I felt the Lord leading me to pray for the family, but when I walked into the room, I saw a humbling sight. The family was holding hands around the bed with two of them actually on their knees praying. Jesus was already at the bedside. As I became overwhelmed with His presence, I knew Jesus was going to take her home to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Before I had a chance to compose myself, I was immediately called to the next patient. I found his wife sitting at the bedside with her 47-year-old husband who was extremely short of breath. He was growing more lethargic by the minute, and I had to put a tube in his throat to help him breathe. She quietly watched as we became more and more invasive with each procedure trying to stabilize him, but he continued to deteriorate. I took her by the hand and ask if I could pray with her as tears began streaming down her face.

The intensive care specialist arrived in the room and assessed the situation. He then turned and gave her the news that he would probably not survive and requested that she make her husband a “Do Not Resuscitate.”  She was not going to compromise her faith and trust in Christ as she refused the recommendation.

I saw the face of Jesus… in the love of her husband.

He was transferred to the ICU, and he did indeed go through the fiery furnace with a painful hospital course. Christ was with the family in the blaze, and one week later he was discharged with a great testimony of faith.

My next patient was a man who was unresponsive in the front seat of his car. We pulled him from the car and began treating him. He slowly responded, and I quietly thanked the Lord for the blessing of a patient cured for his glory. The amazing healing power of Jesus in the ER

A group of nurses requested that I come to the desk. I thought to myself, Lord help me. I need your strength and composure before I treat the next patient. To my relief, they did not call me to treat another critical patient, but they asked me to pray for the ER staff as they were overwhelmed by what had happened over the last hour. Humbled by their request, I saw Jesus in their eyes as we surrendered the ER to Christ.

Jesus Christ changes everything!

Do you know Him?

Every time two people meet it may be a Divine appointment that Christ is watching to see if you see what he sees. It may be as simple as a subtle greeting with a glance or a condemning stare, a handshake or a look of indifference. We have the choice to be Jesus to someone. He is watching.

For His Glory,

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  • Oh MB you got me in tears over here babe. I always knew you was a true child of God. I’m honored to know you. Keep doing what you’re doing babe. You are truly making a difference. Miss you!

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