South Sudan

Dear All;
Greetings in the Mighty name of our Lord. I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that despite the ongoing insecurity in (our area), on Saturday 05/09/2015, we conducted two trainings in (local churches). I was amazed with the turn out of the participants at (one particular church). There were 153 participants (both women and men) attended the second phase training. This is the first training of this kind since i started training of Wholistic Development Ministry in (our area). I think this was because we made announcement over the radio to invite people to come for the training. We taught them about Home Hygiene (sanitation), Antenatal Care. This was from 8:30am-11:30am. Of course, the challenge was that I could not even provide tea or lunch for them due to lack of resources.

The second training is nearby our area. This is the first training under the Wholistic Development Ministry to be conducted there. Twenty people attended the training. Topics covered were: Wound Care and Home Hygiene (How to prevent Diarrhea and Treatment). When I joined them later at midday and I taught them about good hand washing practices. Participants were very happy about the training and they requested me to organize Wholistic Development Ministry training for them; because they don’t know what Wholistic Development Ministry is all about, but they have heard about it. The area is very good for agriculture, you can even see it at the back ground of the second group photo. There is maize and cassava at the background. I believe once the Wholistic Development Ministry is extended there it will be a blessing to the community.

To crown it all, remember us in your daily prayer for this ministry to be extended despite the challenges and also for the general insecurity in our area.
Sincerely in Christ,