The amazing gift of medicine and its impact


Teach To Transform trains and mentors Christian medical students in Kenya with the desire that they will continue our teaching model in Africa and beyond for the glory of God. Below, we share a report from one of medical students, Miriam Ndanu. 

Kahawa West Medical Training, Kenya – Carol Rwamba, a sixth year medical student at Kenyatta University in Nairobi, invited classmates Daniel, Joseph and Mike, and also Miriam Ndanu, a fifth year medical student, to join her church earlier this year in serving at a medical camp. All five of these students have been trained by Teach To Transform.

trainingThe team focused on teaching public to the gathered villagers:
1. Proper Handwashing
2. The Prevention of Cholera
3. Other diarrheal diseases
4. Signs and symptoms of dehydration
5. Making and using oral rehydration solution
6. Wound Care

We thank God we were able to teach what we could. For most of us, it was the first time to engage teaching versus doing at a medical camp. Our eyes were opened to see there is more value added when we teach compared to doing everything ourselves. We also learned that when we teach, we shift the spotlight from ourselves. The villagers realize that they can also be equipped with good knowledge that can be of help to them instead of always waiting for help that sometimes they do not even know when it will come.

Teach To Transform played a vital role in us realizing the importance of teaching vs. doing. It also brought to light how amazing the gift of medicine is and the impact it has when we use it to preach Christ and ultimately use it for the glory and honor of God.

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