The Holy Spirit Glows

A nun living in Mathare taught us about the “Glow of the Holy Spirit” in the middle of the slums of Kenya. There were eleven of us on an amazing trip into the slum of Mathare Valley in Nairobi, Kenya. Mathare is one of the oldest slums in Africa and home to over half a million households all confined within a square kilometer stretch of land. Survival is a daily struggle with extreme poverty and lack of the essential amenities of food, water, shelter and healthcare.

After becoming a Christian and finally accepting God’s grace of forgiveness, my struggle with pride and control would not allow me to let go of the effort to now be perfect in Gods eyes. Trust me it doesn’t work; it just creates frustration and guilt that those who see you as an example of a Christian are disappointed when we fail.

In God’s ultimate wisdom He gave us the gift of Grace with forgiveness, but he knew we needed help because we don’t always see life through his eyes. To help us He also gives us the power and presence of the Holy Spirit to dwell in us.

What is the Holy Spirit?

The trip to Kenya began with a challenge as the weather was terrible, and our flight was delayed from Louisville which meant we would miss our connection in Atlanta. I immediately started making arrangements for “Plan B” with a change of flights and stay overnight in Atlanta.

It was then about halfway through our flight to Atlanta; we heard an announcement, “Are there eleven of you going to Kenya”? We were amazed by the question and raised our hands. She then announced that they were holding the plane in Atlanta for us. Our first thought was that the flight from Atlanta was delayed, what a coincidence.
When we arrived, we ran to the gate where a massive 747 plane was waiting with the jetway doors closed. They graciously opened the doors to allow us to get on. Wow, the looks from the passengers were perplexed when we went all the way to our economy seats in the back of the plane. We could hear them asking each other, “Who are these people?”
There were eleven of us. Christ was about to show us that he was already walking ahead of us. A journal entry from Chris, one of our team, describes the Divine appointment:

It was the last day of our clinic, and we were packing supplies. An older woman walked into the clinic, and the first thing she asked was “Are there Eleven of you?” We had planned to be a mission group of 12. We were 12 at the pre-mission trip retreat, but at the last minute, one person had to cancel due to her job. After a quick count of seats occupied in the van each day, we said yes there are 11 of us.

She was a nun who had lived in Mathare Valley for many years. One of the young boys had left a flier announcing the clinic at her home. She came to the clinic because the night before an angel came to her in a dream and said eleven people have come. She said she had been praying for years that God would send someone to this area. We fitted her with a pair of glasses so she could see her Bible again. She then pointed out the eleven. You may think that would be obvious – the eleven white Americans. However, there were many white missionaries assisting with the clinic, and she passed over each of them while identifying the eleven on our team.
She was asked by one of the nurses, how did you know?
She said we were “Glowing” with the Spirit.

Before we leave on a trip, we pray that we will glorify Christ in our work. Every morning we have devotion time, and throughout the day we show love and compassion to those Christ had prepared for us. After a long day, we once again share a time of devotion and debrief about the day’s work.
When we heard this story about the nun, who identified our team, we felt that when surrendering ourselves and allow the Holy Spirit to speak and guide our action we are the light.

Our challenge is when we return home, and the busyness of the world once again takes over our Spirit our glow diminishes. Let Christ be the author of your life story and relinquish your pride, control and selfish ambition. Seek the Lord with humility and compassion for the suffering and let the Holy Spirit shine.

 Pray about joining Teach To Transform as we follow Christ to show compassion and love to those who don’t know Him.
For His Glory


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