Thermometers are now Super Spreaders of the Gospel

In Ezekiel 22:30, God laments the lack of someone to stand “in the gap” for His people. As a champion of Teach To Transform, with your prayer and financial support, you are the heroes that are with us “standing in the gap.”

Unreached people who have not heard the Gospel and live where poverty, persecution, lack of medical care, and famine is highest is where God has asked TTT to go. It has been said, “the gap” represents a place of darkness, vulnerability, danger, and hopelessness.

We all have become part of a beautiful story God is writing through TTT that can only be described as Supernatural. Supernatural is defined as a manifestation or event attributed to some force beyond the scientific understanding of nature’s law. TTT’s vision and mission have come to a place and time where we, like Esther, were made for such a time as this.

. . . And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this? Esther 4:14

Christ’s Supernatural Presence has blessed us during the pandemic. This is worth saying again.

TTT is blessed to feel the Supernatural Presence of Christ.

I would like to share my thoughts as I reflected on TTT’s journey over the past few months. When Christ left this earth, he gave us a new commandment, one we have heard many times.

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. John 13:34-35

The Voice of the Martyr President Cole Richards puts it this way – it is important to understand that we are bold and creative when we are in love. The people we are in love with brings out BOLDNESS and CREATIVITY.

TTT has now trained loving, courageous evangelists in 27 countries worldwide who have been bold and creative with the skills we have taught. They have shared reports that:

-House churches had become a hot spot of attraction for villagers to hear the Gospel.
-Hostile government officials want to join hands with us.
-Thermometers used to take temperatures are now super spreaders of the Gospel.
-Showing love resulted in receiving love from persecutors.

Do you realize that we will rejoice and spend eternity with many believers that you and I have not met yet, but because of your support, we can rejoice as the body of Christ?

I feel this describes the story God is writing through TTT in that the Love of Christ and our love of the unreached has brought out our passion and creativity. TTT has a group of servants who love one another. We all have a passion for protecting the vision and mission God has given us to reach the unreached with the Love of Christ. God has surrounded us with heroes of the faith worldwide that can only be the Supernatural Presence of God as they face famine, persecution, and Covid-19.

Let’s look and see what has happened over the last few months as we empower courageous believers across the world who stand in the gap for those unreached in spiritual darkness.

1. Empower Nationals
The mission to empower nationals is more significant than we ever imagined. Our small organization mirrors Gideon’s Army of 300, where God gets the glory because it is Supernatural. We will stay committed to our global strategy and mission to equip partners around the world with medical and vocational skills they can use to share the gospel of Christ. We now have a presence in 27 countries.

2. Global Fellowship
We invite you to join us in TTT’s Global Fellowship on Mondays at 9 am and hear from those you support. This fellowship has become a powerful time of love and encouragement to hear from our partners. This virtual time of devotion and prayer would not have happened without the pandemic.

3.Global Strategy for Medical and Farming Training
Our global strategy to reach the unreached through medical care and farming to open doors for the Gospel is now where disease and famine engulf the world. It can only be divine intervention as we have been prepared for a time like this as we train many to stand in the gap.

4.Love and Creativity
Where has this love and creativity taken us? The supernatural Love of Christ abiding in the human heart is the most powerful weapon of goodness and transformation. As we have said, Teach to Transform the World for Christ. Christ has blessed TTT with the creativity and passion for training virtually, even as many are sitting idle. We have focused on developing virtual modules of:

Health and Hygiene which covers germ theory and the importance of handwashing.
Vital Signs with thermometer and pulse oximeters are two critical vital signs to evaluate Covid.
Palliative Care looks at compassionate end-of-life care coupled with a module explaining our Hope in the Kingdom of Heaven. It is God’s divine guidance that all are needed as many die from Covid, famine, and persecution, but doors open for the Gospel.

5. TTT Kenya Organization
Christ has blessed us to have the vision to train and support creating a TTT Kenya team who have been teaching in person in Africa. They are now filing documents to become an independent partner with the model of TTT. They are currently training in Africa, where we are unable to travel. Again, God’s incredible divine vision.

6. Farming
When we began our farming initiative, we had no idea that God would lead us powerfully into the pandemic as starvation ravishes countries worldwide. Famine is becoming a significant killer of those we are trying to reach. We have continued to train Farming God’s Way in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Sudan, helping to feed 900 orphans and expanding our global footprint. (Pictured is FGW training in Juba, South Sudan.)

7. Our New Grant Program coupled with Virtual Training
Our hearts broke for our brothers and sisters in India, Bangladesh, and Nigeria as they face Covid-19, famine, and persecution. We created a first-time grant approved by our board, and with your help, we supported relief for the persecuted church. We continue to pray as pastors are still kidnapped and killed in Nigeria as we continue to expand this initiative in India and Bangladesh.

While many organizations are waiting out the pandemic, TTT has felt the Supernatural Presence of God. We will continue with passion the responsibility God has asked of us with our Global strategy.

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31

As this year ends, we invite you to give to continue the mission of Teach To Transform. A donation can be made online at You may also send a check to Teach To Transform, 7501 New LaGrange Road, #2000, Louisville, KY 40222.  

God loves us, so let that soak in, and fill your heart with peace and joy. God didn’t save us to be safe. He saved us to be dangerous and a threat to the enemy. Come, join us in the beautiful story of Teach To Transform. Rejoice with us for a time when our journey ends here on earth, and we get to see many we have never met in the Kingdom of God.

For His Glory,

Dr. Tom is a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician in the USA with over 25 years of experience and an ordained minister by Southeast Christian Church in Louisville Kentucky. His true passion is world missions and he and his wife Karen are the founders of Teach To Transform, an organization that exists to equip partners around the world with medical and vocational skills they can use to share the gospel of Christ. You can subscribe to Dr. Tom’s blog, Divine Appointments, to read more stories and learn more about the mission of Teach To Transform.

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