Finding Faith in the Emergency Room

Happy New Year, everyone! I know many of you will make resolutions that eventually fade over time. I would like to challenge you to seek the Lord in 2018 with daily devotion. If we open our eyes to see what the Lord is showing us and hear Him, then He will reveal His plan for you in 2018. Please enjoy this encouraging story of one doctor finding faith in the emergency room.

Many times, I felt God asking me, “Let me be the author of your life story,” but I refused to let go of control. For more than half of my career in Emergency Medicine, I was arrogant and prideful in searching for reasons to explain what I saw every day. As you can imagine, emergency medicine puts you in the front row of some terrible and devastating scenarios. We see women and children abused, parents and children dying in car wrecks hit by drunk drivers or substance abuse taking the lives of our children and the list go on.

I asked God, “Where are you in all of this? If there is a God, why do you let these things happen to good people?”

He answered in Revelations 3:20 Here I am! I stand at the door and knock…

The words of William Barclay spoke to me as Christ introduced me to a family who lived these words.

YOUR LIFE is Jesus to someone…
YOUR TONGUE is Jesus to someone…
YOUR FAITHFULNESS… is an example of Jesus to someone…
YOUR LOVE and COMPASSION is Jesus to someone…

It was a busy day in the ER and a young boy of about eight arrived with no heartbeat and unresponsive. We immediately jumped into action and tried to resuscitate this little boy, but all attempts failed despite our efforts and modern medical technology. I was struggling with the decision to stop, and the nurses compassionately touched my shoulder, and with tears in our eyes, we knew there was no “Hope,” and I ended the resuscitation.

Then came what all ER staff dreads and that is to walk into the quiet room and give the terrible news. I composed myself as best I could, but when I opened the door, I was stunned and stood speechless after I realized he was one of identical triplets, and his two brothers were sitting on the couch next to their parents. As I tried to speak, my voice cracked and tears began to well in my eyes. It was then that his father stood up and put his arms around me and said, “We know he is gone, but it will be alright. We will see him again in the Kingdom of Heaven.” In all his pain, he began to comfort and console me… Can you imagine?

I was looking at Christ in this father and he knew Jesus and Jesus Christ changes everything. I can still see this scene in my mind and thank God for this father who was compassionate and loving to me even in his time of unimaginable pain.

John 11:35 Jesus wept. The shortest verse in the Bible says Jesus wept over the death of Lazarus. Jesus knows their pain.

God was breaking down my pride and arrogance, one divine appointment at a time.

Finally, when I asked God, “Where are you?” God answered in what I call my humbling Job 38 moment. Christ responded to the question I had been asking Him with the same question, “Where were you, Tom when I gave you the gift of medicine to show love and compassion to your patients who were suffering.
Not once did you pray and comfort them in my name.
I have taught you through the actions of this father who lost his son what real faith looks like.

Teach To Transform is committed to train compassionate and loving believers with faith like this father who will pierce the hardened hearts of the lost. Let them witness one divine appointment at a time.

Their Life will be Jesus to someone.       
Their Words will be Jesus to someone.
Their Faith will be an example of Jesus to someone.
Their Love and Compassion will be Jesus to someone.

Teach To Transform is empowering believers around the world who will be a picture of Christ to someone. We are going to places where they have never heard the name Jesus Christ and these believers will be the tip of the spear for Christianity.

Join us with prayer and support.

In the name of the one who asks that we Go and declare His name.

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