What You Do Matters

What you do matters

What you do mattersChrist inspired our Teach To Transform team with the love and compassion of the pastors who did not turn away from the vulnerable children of Southern Asia.

Do you turn away from divine appointments the Lord has arranged or do you Stop, Listen and Act with Compassion?

Many times Christ had random encounters in which he stopped, listened and acted to show compassion. It requires all three, if we stop, but do not see and hear through the eyes of Christ you will miss opportunities to love. The third and most important piece of this appointment is to act with compassion, without action your opportunity is lost.

Matthew 20:30-34 Two blind men were sitting by the roadside, and when they heard that Jesus was passing by, they cried out, “Lord, Son of David, have pity on us!” The crowd warned them to be silent, but they called out all the more, “Lord, Son of David, have pity on us!” Jesus stopped and called them and said, “What do you want me to do for you?” They answered him, “Lord, we want our sight.” Jesus had compassion on them and touched their eyes. Immediately they received their sight, and followed him.

What you do matters.

Don’t Tell Me What You Believe or What You Are Going To Do,
Show Me What You Have Done and I Will Show You What You Believe!

One of our pastors was known throughout the area to be passionate about baby infant girls who were put to death only because they were girls. The infanticide for newborn girls was the result of the cultural tradition that the fathers of these baby girls were responsible for providing a dowry when they were married. The cost of having the baby killed by suffocation, drowning or worse was cheaper than providing this dowry. Many of the children born with a disability suffered the same fate because of the financial burden and belief that they were paying the price for something they had done in a previous life.

What you do mattersAnother pastor took us to his orphanage where he had rescued children who had been abandoned because of their hearing and vision disabilities. They had prepared a play for our team with singing and dancing and at the beginning of their performance they presented Karen with a necklace of flowers that brought tears to her eyes.

It was so sweet to watch the children care for each other as they prepared to sing and dance.

What you do mattersWhen they sang, those children who could not hear the music would touch the throats of the blind children to feel the vibration and then sing along. The children who could not hear were able to care for the blind children leading them around the room as they performed their dance. It was obvious that the caregivers of these precious children let them know they were loved and special in Christ’s eyes.

Can you imagine turning your back on these children, remembering that the Lord blesses the children and despite their challenges they are children of God? Please pray for the children and those who care for them, but most of all pray for the hearts of those who cast them away because they did not see the plan Christ had for them.

Mark 10:14 “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

What you do matters and Jesus Christ changes everything.

What you do mattersWhat do you do when you hear Christ whispering for you to have compassion?
What you do matters.

Will you be courageous and go meet your neighbor who doesn’t know Jesus?
What you do matters.

Will you stop and spend time with your children after work when you are exhausted because they are your spiritual legacy?
What you do matters.

When you have a disagreement with your spouse or family member, have you asked God what words to share so that they are received in love and help you to grow?
What you do matters.

When you get up tomorrow will you start your day by spending time with Christ? Remember your spiritual walk is about His love, His kingdom and His glory. Pray to see your world through His eyes.

Come, join us on a Teach To Transform trip or support the work of those courageous Christians working around the world for the Kingdom of Heaven.

For His Glory,

Dr. Tom is a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician in the USA with over 25 years of experience and an ordained minister at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville Kentucky. His true passion is world missions and he and his wife Karen are the founders of Teach To Transform, an organization that exists to equip partners around the world with medical and vocational skills they can use to share the gospel of Christ. You can subscribe to Dr. Tom’s weekly blog, Divine Appointments, to read more stories and learn more about the mission of Teach To Transform.

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