Who Is Your Disciple?

Teacher making disciples of solar panel technology

Making disciples at an African clinicThrough a sequence of divine appointments, I met a man who had a passion for providing solar power around the world. We presented the challenge to establish solar power in South Sudan at a medical clinic caring for women and children with no other medical care. At times the temperature would exceed 100 degrees; electric fans would provide comfort for those waiting and a solar-powered refrigerator would supply vaccines.

It was an excellent idea with great intentions to care for the suffering, and he accepted the challenge, but God had another plan.

Making disciples in the midst of devastating circumstancesShortly after our conversation, the Lord called me to Haiti after an earthquake. Practicing in the ER for over 30 years I have seen some disastrous situations, but the relief effort in Haiti was beyond words with death everywhere. Many humanitarian doctors went home feeling that it was hopeless, but many Christians stayed. The Haitians said, “God shook Haiti and send Christians to help.” Tell us about your Jesus.

I have been inspired around the world by people who know Jesus, and there is no more profound love and compassion than those who know Christ. I pray someday you experience the love of someone who loves Jesus.

While in Haiti the news came that our friend we had been speaking to about solar for South Sudan was killed by the earthquake. We were devastated by his death.

James 4:14  Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.  

What is your spiritual legacy? Moses had Joshua; Paul had Timothy and Elijah had Elisha.

If your life ended tomorrow, who would tell your story? With that challenge, who is your Disciple or who are you mentoring? When a generation passes will they be able to tell what you believed, or your passion? What would your children, grandchildren, friends or a student say about you?

Are you going to be remembered by your worldly possessions and your love of the world or do you want the next generation to tell of your love for Christ, your Compassion, and kindness for the suffering?

Setting up solar panelWhy would the Lord take a man who was doing so much good? I immediately called his organization and asked if he had been teaching and mentoring anyone with his knowledge of Solar. The answer was yes, and his student agreed to come to South Sudan and install the plan we had discussed for solar power.

Teacher making disciples of solar panel technologyThank God he had been discipling his next generation to keep his legacy and vision of showing compassion and love through solar power. His story would have ended with his death unless he had been Discipling. His vision lives on through his students.

God will provide your divine appointments so pray that you see them through the eyes of Christ. Never allow life to blind us to those that are suffering.

For His Glory,

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