Discipleship Through Economic Development

Teach To Transform added this branch in response to Jesus's teachings to "remember the poor".  Discipleship Through Economic Development strives to uplift the impoverished by showing them ways to start small, scalable businesses and to successfully run livelihood projects.  These businesses grow through the multiplication of communities’ resources resulting in long term sustainability.  This encourages self-reliance and helps prevent the development or continuation of a culture dependent on external assistance.  As students develop and implement their business plans they begin to see hope in the future and how God is providing for their needs.  

Teaching Topics

DTEE  teaches basic business principles and encourages students to use the resources around them to generate income for their families and communities.  Students are taught to identify the talents (both physical or spiritual) that God has blessed them with and how they can be shared.  The course instructs students on developing a business mindset, conducting necessary product or service research, maintaining records, allocating resources for future opportunities, and creating a brighter future for their families.

Businesses created by students vary depending on the location and available resources but have included the following:
*  Motorcycle maintenance & repair
*  Clothing retail
*  Food retail
*  Construction and retail of benches
*  Retail of agricultural surplus (poultry, livestock, and crops)
*  Retail of goods & services (see Making A Difference Testimonial)
After the DTEE training, this student now sells benches that he builds using the lumber from old wooden pallets.  


Upon finishing the Discipleship Through Economic Development course and applying the principles learned, students frequently notice a boost in their self-esteem.   By gaining the ability to support their families, they find hope for the future. Encouraged to pass on these business principles to fellow community members, students contribute to enhancing their economic status, thereby creating a ripple effect. Through mentoring others, students also open up opportunities to share about God's provision and spread the message of the gospel. 
This student is now selling food products made from peanuts to his community,  where protein-rich foods are scarce. 

Making A Difference

One student from South Sudan, John, started a business of selling exam papers to schools. However, he did not know how to do book keeping. He made money, but was not growing his business. John attended the 5000 Plus  basic income generation training, and he started keeping records. John started with $100, which he used to print 30 exam books. He sold these at a profit of $30. He was also able to revive a previously attempted shop with the training practices. John's plan is to register a company that will supply exam papers all over South Sudan. John says the greatest lesson of the training is "Always start with what you have." 

Get Involved

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