Farming God's Way

What We Do

Teach To Transform uses Farming God's Way resources to increase food security and decrease poverty in agricultural communities.  The FGW trainings show students how to sustainably use the resources God has provided for them to rise out of poverty.   Key agricultural principles taught in the program include:
  1. No ploughing
  2. 100% coverage with God’s Blanket (2.5cm thick)
  3. Practice biodiversity (Rotations & other methods)
  4. Feed plants from the top
  5. Ensure canopy cover
  6. Permanence

Making A Difference

After one group in Kenya started practicing Farming God's Way methods, they found that they worked less hours weeding and paid less expenses while harvesting more crops. Even in a drought and under a scorching sun, God's blanket kept their soil moist and wet. The group banded together to help each other out, and took care of two grandmother farmers among them.  They were able to train others from their villages and churches who could see a different between traditional farming and Farming God's Way. Their long term goal is to help the elderly and orphans in their community, increase crop production and share the Gospel.   

Watch This Video To Learn More About Farming God's Way In India

Get Involved

Would you like to participate in an upcoming Farming God's Way trip?  Learn about future trips and how you can get involved by clicking the link below.